Details On Our New Book!

14 short stories for kids, full of fun characters and imaginative creatures. Each one featuring a unique, original illustration that can be colored in--right in the book. A great collection for boys or girls, ideal for eager readers of ages 8-10, or even better for some enjoyable read-aloud time.

Skim through the story list below to see my inspirations behind each tale. And then, after you get the book and read each story, click on the "Art Ideas & Reader Artwork" links to see some cool suggestions from each tale that kids can draw, paint, or otherwise create. We want this book to come alive and to fill kids with imaginative energies after they hear or read each story.

Also--be sure to email or tweet photos of any story-related artwork to me and I'll post them here on the corresponding story pages!


Thank you so much for checking out our book!