Flartus Flubberwonk’s Five Things
My daughter created this work of art...and it became the dreaded, stinky, strange Ohmslice living in Flartus Flubberwonk's basement and eating ALL his ice cream. What kooky creature is smelling up YOUR basement?
This Story Seeks Some of YOUR Imagination!

You can create a...

- Weird scientist of your own. What unusual, extraordinary things does he/she investigate or try to invent? Is there an inventor’s assistant too? Perhaps this new scientist’s assistant isn’t even human...

- Money tree that’s planted in your own backyard! Does it grow cash, gold, diamonds, or some other kind of jewels?

- Beautiful illustration of a rare, exotic, money-loving bird...a Craven Lotsa Cashcrow. What color is it? How big are its wings and its beak? I bet it has fantastic feet if it can harvest cash from a money tree!

- Nasty, goofy, colorful, ice cream-eating Ohmslice of your very own. Do you think you have one in your basement? (Or does your Dad eat up all the ice cream and just leave scrapings in the corners of the container?) What does your Ohmslice look like? What does it do?

- Whole slew of mysterious new imaginative inventions of your own. What kinds of magnificent machines, magic drinks, or fantastic foods can you dream up in your creative cranium?