The Clutterberg Circus
This is my daughter's original drawing, which I decided was a CatElephant, and ultimately wrote a story about. What does YOUR CatElephant look like?
This Story Seeks Some of YOUR Imagination!

You can create a...

- CatElephant, the coolest half-cat and half-elephant creature ever!

- Playground of crazy, random metal things on which the circus performers can flip and swing.

- Second CatElephant that looks completely different different from your first one. After all, I think the world could use a lot more CatElephants, don't you?

- Completely new combination animal--such as a DolphinFly, BuffaLizard, or Platypus. (Yes that’s a real animal, but it’s also a wonky looking little combo critter, right?!)

- Marvelous map of the full Clutterberg Circus. What other performers might come there to amaze the audience?