The Wonderbeard Pirates Sort out a Kerfuffle in Kerflunker
This Story Seeks Some of YOUR Imagination!

You can create a...

- Gnarly, mighty, fearsome, super-sized, peculiar PIRATE SHIP!

- Pirate puppy...or any other member of the crew: Captain Graybeard, Firstmate Rattybeard, Dogbeard, Stickybeard (with pockets full of candy of course!) or any other Wonderbeard Pirate you can dream up.

- Humongous volcano-shaped birthday cake; either fresh and ready to eat, or one that has been demolished by a runaway roller coaster full of bombastic buccaneers.

- Swarm of gigantic ladybugs flying over the ocean, with the pirates hanging by their beards beneath them.

- Shiny, silvery unicorn shark with nine fins.