Kevin's Points of Interest
Leave a Message: DLC Show Episode 5
Vintage DLC Show Episode 5, Leave a Message is the classic story of man (we use the term man lightly) vs machine. Chris talks about how he was trying to get a quick message to his mother when she does not have text messaging on her phone and he didn't think he had the time for a full telephone conversation. Did he find a way to get around the system? He thou...
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Locker Room Etiquette: DLC Show Episode 4
Vintage DLC Show Episode 4, Locker Room Etiquette gives a little window into who Kevin really is, which leads Tim to share way too much of what he is made of.
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The Short Sweatshirt: DLC Show Episode 3
The Short Sweatshirt, Vintage DLC Show Season 1, Episode 3. Tim talks about how a sweatshirt that was a little small got him into an embarrassing situation.
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Tim the Hater: DLC Show Episode 2
Vintage DLC Show Episode 2, Tim The Hater. Chris invites Stephen Reddy into the Island 107.1 FM Key West Radio Studio to talk about a contest he is putting on for a chance at his heart. Kevin asks some questions to entice the ladies to vie for a Valentines Day date with our guest (via facebook of course). Tim on the other hand has some questions and comments...
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The Costume: DLC Show Episode 1
Vintage DLC Show - Episode 1, The Costume. Tim talks about a costume idea he has. Chris and Kevin respond.
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