knowonder-ful knews!
The knowonder! website has gone through its makeover and is now fit and fun with many cool new features.

Our mobile app is also full to the brim with new, exciting stuff.

Best of all - starting Friday, we will get back to posting new content to the app and website in several different cool categories. I'll have a few entries on the story-a-day page each month and I'll be sure to share the links when my stories are published.

The picture you see accompanying this post is a drawing Cecilia did of a beautiful fairy. It is published on the knowonder! website on the kid art page. If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod (with camera), don't miss out on this cool function of the knowonder! app. You can take pictures of your kid's art work and submit it to our site - along with neat bio information about your little artist.

And last bit of news... I'll be signing my name on a dotted line tonight which means Oliver the Crocodragonosaur is even closer to being unleashed to the world in his debut eBook called "CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP"!! More updates on that as they unfold!

click here for the knowonder! website
click here for the kid art page on the knowonder! website