Knowonder Needs Your Stories!
Breaking news from knowonder! We plan to submit this publicity piece to many various writer's orgs in hopes of inspiring their members to submit stories to us. Please share with anyone you know!


First off, let me say thank you in advance for allowing us some of your time so we can tell you about a few big, exciting changes happening at knowonder! The mission of our website has always been to provide a daily dose of high quality, imaginative, fun-to-read stories which are aimed at kids from age 3 to 10. We strive to be a top source for parents, educators, caregivers and anyone else who wants to help kids get excited about reading.

Right now, we are on a brief publishing pause (target date for re-launch is June 1) during which we are actively and eagerly seeking more and more great story submissions. As of February 28, 2012 - knowonder! is paying $25 for manuscripts up to 1000 words and $50 for those which are 1000 to 2000 words. We pay on acceptance, not on publication so writers do not have to wait until our re-launch to be compensated. Our detailed submission guidelines and online submission form can be found here:

If you browse our site for a moment, you’ll immediately notice the “coming soon!” vibe which we are currently communicating. In addition to us being a wide-open and well-paying market; here’s a brief summary of what to look forward to in knowonder!’s future:

- A newly designed website with our daily stories heavily featured right at the forefront. Target launch - June 1, 2012
- The release of a new, multi-platform mobile app which will put all our great stories - past and future - right in the hands of subscribing members. Target launch - June 1, 2012
- Long term plan to digitally and/or physically publish collections of our top knowonder! stories; to digitally publish individual, multi-platform eReader versions of our really great stories AND to publish individual, hard back picture books featuring the best of the best! Because we don’t ask for rights to your stories upfront (just a one-time use right), you will still own the right to the story and be able to negotiate for royalties if/when we want to turn your story into a picture book.

Please consider these announcements for inclusion in your member newsletter, bulletin, website blog and anywhere else you deem appropriate. We are also more than willing to provide further info and/or interviews for use in a feature article.

Thank you again for your time and consideration!

Phillip & the Team
knowonder! magazine

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