Mutant Bunny Island by Obert Skye
Man, this book is out there. I mean OUT THERE. It’s clever and full of imaginative writing, but just so strange.

And very difficult to explain. Our hero Perry is a young introvert who loves a comic book hero named Admiral Uli. Admiral Uli appears in a comic series titled Ocean Blasterzoids and the author includes a few pages from this made-up comic book to introduce most of the chapters in Mutant Bunny Island. Admiral Uli’s adventures in the comic book usually slightly correspond with what Perry is going through in real life. Er, well, in book life. And in Perry’s life, he’s had to make an emergency trip to a whacko place named Bunny Island in order to rescue his missing uncle.

One other thing--Admiral Uli is a squid who fights off evil newts in the comic series, thus preventing them from taking over the world. And Perry actually thinks this squid vs. newt war is real, so he’s always worried about newt attacks. Which distracts him from the ACTUAL dangers he’s facing from mutant bunnies.

Confused? Probably.

This book is for kids who think “Weird is good, weirdest is awesome.” Or who make claims such as “I’d read more, if I could just find something really odd.” Give them Mutant Bunny Island...and say nothing. Appropriate and safe for boys or girls, ages 6 to 12.

(I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book by replying to a promotional email from the publisher. I’ve provided an honest review.)