Record Store Day 2012 is on April 21!
No, it's not made up - RSD is a real thing. It's a day to get out and visit your local music store to shop for limited, exclusive vinyl releases from many of today's top bands. Records are awesome! They are still the best way to experience the sounds of your favorite artists. Digital music is now king, there is no arguing against that point. Last year the music industry released sales figures showing downloads beat out physical CDs plus vinyl sales by a whopping .2%. Digital is king. BUT - if you really want to hear what your favorite band has to say, song by song, in order, as they want you to, check out their vinyl. You won't be disappointed by these beautiful little waxy circles.

Click link below for further details on Record Store Day and to find a participating store. I've also posted an article I wrote a while back about the magic of vinyl. Click over to my "Stories" section to read it!

RSD 2010