Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch
The sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora, and equally as amazing! I highly recommend Red Seas Under Red Skies for epic fantasy book lovers. To read more background on the series, check out my write-up on LoLL by clicking the link below.

As for RSURS, look forward to more thievery, schemes, double-crosses, triple-crosses, mysterious assassins, exceptionally dangerous situations, extreme amounts of danger, excessive amounts of danger resulting from even more exceptionally dangerous situations, and just when you think you've reached the tip of things are way too dangerous mountain, Mr. Lynch introduces us to...


But not the over-done, generic "Pirates of the Caribbean" type--this is a believable, respectable, honorable crew. And the Captain is a bad-ass woman named Zamira Drakasha. Her first mate is another fabulous lady warrior named Ezri Delmastro. These gals and the rest of the pirates on their magnificent ship, the Poison Orchid, add plenty of new panache to Locke and Jean's already remarkable lives.

The plot of RSURS is creative, immersive, unique, action-packed, complex and convoluted, so I won't take up pages upon pages with a summary. Just jump on Amazon and you can read a ton of them. What I want to say is Mr. Lynch is a fantastic writer and he's done a difficult thing--he's taken a sequel and made it new, fascinating, and fabulous, while sticking to the same basic characters and elements from his first book. And again, he's created a fresh, detailed, well-thought out world for us to live in while we absorb his story. "Tal Verrar" is equally as wild as Camorr was in his first book, and even more unpredictable. We also spend a lot of memorable time sailing the Poison Orchid out on the "Sea of Brass" and even get to visit awesome pirate dens like the "Ghostwind Isles" and "Port Prodigal".

I'm telling you, in the first book, this author made his readers all want to be cut-through thieves so they could join Locke's gang called The Gentleman Bastards. Now Mr. Lynch makes us yearn to be sword-slashing, sun-kissed pirates so we can patrol the decks of a glorious pirate ship. You will want to be in these gangs because the characters are so life-like, charismatic, and powerful.

Again, like LOLL, RSURS is pretty vulgar with plenty of cussing, violence and a few bits of sex sprinkled about. But these things flow in the story and are not there for impact or shock effect, they are in the story because they make sense and add to the experience. Though these things do make this a mature book, appropriate only for college age or higher. In my other write-up I said the series may be best for guys since there weren't any strong females in LoLL. However, that all changes in RSURS with the fearsome Zamira, lovely but deadly Ezri, and the other tough, strong, great women in this novel.

I am so excited to now read the final book in this trilogy The Republic of Thieves so I can find out how things finish for Locke Lamora. And I believe that if you or someone you know likes well-written, epic high fantasy, you and they will also dig following his epic exploits.

Happy Thieving...I Mean Reading!