Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
A scary book looks best with a classic black cat in the photo right!? Thanks to our kitty Rose for making the scene.
A vampire book from back before vampires were even cool! Written in 1975 (so the novel is exactly as old as me smile), this is Mr. King’s second published novel and it is brilliant. Scary, detailed, creative, unusual, and immersive--all at once. This is the fantastic story-telling and magnificent writing we are lucky to get from this amazing author.

Salem’s Lot tells the terrifying tale of a small town in Maine as it is slowly devoured by a growing horde of vampires. Perhaps the most enjoyable part is the pace at which the story unfolds...wrapping the reader up in all the events and letting things develop in real time. This is why it’s so immersive--we are in the town, with the people, wondering what’s really happening, and fighting for our lives all along.

I also particularly enjoyed the fact that the vampires in Salem’s Lot have all the classic characteristics in appearance, behavior, abilities, weaknesses, etc. The monsters in today’s books seem to need a new wrinkle or new idea to really make them pop. But this is an old school book, with classic vampires, doing ancient vampire things--and this is part of what makes it such a hit.

The rest of what makes it good is all Stephen King. Character development, suspense, unexpected deaths, unusual developments, and just absolutely amazing wordsmanship.

If you’ve never read a King book, start here. If you like his writing, get this book immediately. If you like suspenseful books--journey into Salem’s Lot. But make sure your windows are locked and no matter what...DO NOT invite a vampire into your home!

Happy Reading!