The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
This is a spectacular book and a truly magnificent accomplishment by the writer, Mr. Chabon. Much respect to him for the structure, detail, and execution of this fine novel.

To really enjoy this one, it helps to have a fondness for comic books as much of the action, drama, and intrigue center around the creation, impact, and uniqueness of the comic book industry. However--it’s not a must to be a full comics geek because the writing and story are so good.

Actually, as I write this and think back on the novel, it could have played out as a series of comics...or graphic novels. The stories throughout are absolutely connected and there is a meticulously crafted arc to the characters and plot. Yet each instance in time and minor subplot is its own event, and could be its own individual issue. This is part of what makes the book brilliant--a collection of superb tales, that tell a big story, and bring us to laughter, excitement, anger, and tears over the characters. A truly beautiful reading experience!

What’s it all about? Kavalier and Clay are comic book creators. The first is the brooding, multi-talented artist (and part time magician)...while the second is the visionary ideas man and story writer...who deals with his own deep internal conflicts. The setting is New York City, and eventually across the world while the time is the 1940s and on through the decades. Kavalier and Clay navigate professional accomplishment, tragic disappointment, personal turmoil, life’s successes, and inevitable disasters. Their comic book creations thrill audiences as their unique and amazing heroes save lives and protect the world. But will these heroes ultimately save Kavalier and Clay from themselves?

I highly recommend this book for mature readers only--probably college age or higher--due to mature content and a complex storyline. As mentioned at the top...if you or someone you know collected comics as a child and has an open mind, this is a fantastic choice. Or for readers who just love a remarkable, unusual, immersive journey--The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay could be exactly the right choice.

Happy Reading!