The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung
We really liked this image of David vs Goliath!
Most of this book is serious but at the end, it has some lovely imagery like this one and uplifting, joyful phrases.
The Biggest Story endeavours to summarize the bible, with an emphasis on the failures and shortcomings of humanity and how God has always been there, all along, to pick us up and save us. There is a bit of nice uplifting joy towards the end when Jesus enters the world and the book does conclude with some happy images and very uplifting phrases, encouraging readers to “keep believing” and assuring us that “one day we will be with Him”. However, the bulk of the book is fairly serious and a bit melancholy as Mr. DeYoung tells how the people in the Bible constantly failed to live up to what God hoped. So to truly save us, He ultimately had to send - and sacrifice - his only Son.

Because of this, I recommend The Biggest Story for middle graders and older. Think of it as a long picture book Bible for eager reading 8-9 year olds and up. Those who are interested in art will particularly enjoy it since the illustrations are absolutely beautiful and are done in a unique, clever, eye-catching style. We all definitely enjoyed the artwork the best while reading this one and now, I find myself often just flipping through the book to look back at some of the more detailed pages.

The Biggest Story is a nice break from all the cartoonish Bible books that are currently available for youngsters. The art truly is fantastic and the text is done well, just know that it is a serious read and therefore best for older kids.