The Graveyard Book (Graphic Novel Version) Vols 1 & 2
This is a fabulous book with a unique, mesmerizing story and surreal, wonderful artwork. The Graveyard Book graphic novels bring so many creative people together to illustrate Mr. Gaiman’s tale of a young boy called Nobody “Bod” Owens, who grows up under the care and supervision of the ghostly inhabitants of an old, spooky cemetery. I recently read the text-only version of this book, and I knew at that time the graphic novel was most likely WAY better. I was right--it’s awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. However, I was also right about something else.

The reason Bod grows up in the graveyard is at the very beginning of the story, his Mom, Dad, and older sister are brutally murdered in their sleep by a knife-wielding assassin. At this point Bod is a toddler, around two years old I think. The illustrations of this part are graphic indeed. But from that point forward, there is no more blood or direct violence to shock readers. Which may seem surprising since this whole thing takes place in the cemetery with ghosts, ghouls, and the like. But honestly, it’s nothing but fun, cool, slightly creepy words and artwork throughout both volumes of the graphic novel--except those first few pages.

So just be aware of that beginning, if you are getting this for a younger reader, say 6th grade or up. It’s strange to me that Mr. Gaiman would have the whole book be approachable, and amazing, for young readers, yet he turns them away with the very beginning. This just makes it tough to recommend an age range.

Our 9 1/2 yr old daughter will like it because she’s really into graphic novels right now. I will tell her about the beginning, and suggest she skip those pages, then I’ll let her decide.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the book and I really dug the two graphic novel volumes. I’d say this is an awesome gift idea for a spooky story loving adult who read comics as a kid, or for mature young readers who like ghosts and creepy stories. Just watch out for those first few pages. If you want to be sure what you are getting into, just read The Graveyard Book graphic novels for yourself first - they are both fabulous and beautifully illustrated so you won’t be disappointed!

Use the link below to view my review of the text-only version, if you want more info.

Happy Reading!

The Graveyard Book (text-only version)