The Lighthouse by Michael D. O’Brien
This is a beautifully written, eloquent tale about the life of a Lighthouse Keeper. Solitary at most times, yet still connected in various ways to his nearby community, Ethan the Keeper lives a simple life next to the vast and ever unpredictable sea.

The Lighthouse brings us into Ethan’s world over the course of several decades to see how things can be easy, hard, beautiful, scary, and difficult--all at the same time. Living entirely alone with only an island full of birds, a faceful of ocean spray, and a sweeping lighthouse beam for company seems amazing. But what else? What of personal connections? Visitors? Community? Ultimately, does humanity need other truly feel alive?

You’ll ponder these questions for sure as you enjoy the beautiful writing which is really the star of this book. There are so many amazing descriptions of Ethan’s work, his life, the lighthouse and island setting, the people he meets, and the things he does. The actual plot/events of the story may not entirely live up to the quality of writing, which is an odd thing to write, I guess. But overall I do recommend this book to pretty much all readers--especially those who are crafty, nature-oriented, sailors, and/or to those who could use a dose of simplicity in their lives.

Happy Reading!