The Wastelands - The Dark Tower Book III
The road to the Dark Tower just keeps getting harder for the gunslinger and his band of followers, yet the books keep getting better and better! Mr. King is a master of the written word, as most everyone knows. The books in this series demonstrate his talents to the maximum. His deep, complex characters are creatively immersed in a carefully crafted and thoroughly imaginative universe. The way the author bounces from world to world and cleverly brings together all the clues and secrets that bind the collective fates of the people involved--this is truly an astonishing achievement.

These books have been around for decades so I don’t need to gush about them forever or give you any kind of plot summary. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, epic quests, and action...I absolutely recommend The Dark Tower series. I’m now three books along the journey and I’m 1,000% hooked. Keep in mind these are mature books with a bit of violence and language, plus crazily convoluted plots and subplots, so they are for mature readers of college age or older.

The Dark Tower movie was decent, but the books are magnificent. Much respect and thanks to Mr. Stephen King for bringing these novels into existence.

Happy Reading!