The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
It took me almost two months to read this incredible book, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. This is significant because I read a lot--probably at least an hour a day--and this book clocks in at just over 1100 pages, so it takes a commitment. Just like the story itself is an epic quest, reading it is as well. I enjoyed it so much that about two weeks ago, I told my wife I was going to be sad when it was over. Because I would miss settling in every night to hear Kvothe the Arcane, Kvothe the Bloodless, he of many other names, continue telling his story. And now, I am a bit sad. (But I’m consoling myself by moving right on to The Republic of Thieves, which is the third book of the insanely awesome Locke Lamora series. More on this one when I finish it.)

That is what’s so amazing about The Wise Man’s Fear AND the first book in the series, The Name of the Wind. You forget you’re reading. You feel like you are right there, in this old, rustic inn, out in the middle of nowhere in a grand land of fantasy, listening to this remarkable hero tell the most astonishing, magical, marvelous, mesmerizing tale of all time.

I wanted the book to be longer! Rothfuss is such a talented writer and a beautiful story-teller, I could read an infinite amount of pages from him. His imagination is absolutely fantastic. The places Kvothe visits, his adventures, his loves, his losses, all are incredible. Thank goodness Mr. Rothfuss is currently writing the third book in the series so more of Kvothe’s tale will be told, hopefully soon.

Plus, I’ve read that there is a multi-media deal in place to make games, TV shows (maybe) and movies based on this series. WONDERFUL!! And, on the author’s website, he mentions that this world he’s created is so vast and detailed, he thinks he can write about it forever. EVEN MORE WONDERFUL! I’ll read them all. Any side character’s story. Every single word.

Jump back to my review on The Name of the Wind and you can read a bit more about what the books are actually about. Or check the Amazon page. Just know that the writing is fabulous, the characters--especially Kvothe--are phenomenal, the attention to detail is delightful, the devotion to story is rewarding, the action is exciting, the mystery is intriguing, the magic is fun, and the intelligent way it all clicks together...well, this is book writing of the supreme highest quality.

Best for mature readers, high school age or higher based on the complexity of the content. Those who like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Brandon Sanderson fans, or anyone who likes immersive fantasy worlds will dig this series. Kvothe is the ultimate hero, wizard, musician, raconteur...and above all...he’s legend.

Happy Reading!

My Review of The Name of the Wind