There’s A Gremlin In My Suitcase!
So yeah, this has nothing to do with writing at all. But I had to comment. This zipper fixer is strange on a couple of levels.

First off, I've come into contact with hundreds of zippers in my life. I can think of ONE where the pull tab broke off. The rest became unusable when the teeth messed up or the cloth was irreparably caught in the zipper. So how about it "zipper fixer" - can you mend those issues?

But beyond the questionable usability of this item, the absolute best part of the website is the blonde woman shrieking at her suitcase as if something horrible is about to burst out and consume her soul. She's clearly an under used horror movie actress masquerading as an infomercial model.

The Zipper Fixer, a mostly useless item that may be able to protect you from terrifying suitcase creatures. Awesome!

I give you... the zipper fixer!