This IS the Rabbit hOle, but it’s also just a small piece of the Rabbit hOle
Goofball fun is the norm at The Rabbit hOle.
The man himself, Felix Clousseau, made from paper mache.
The book comes to life!
Yes--made from paper mache!!
A lovely marketplace in Paris.
Sneaking into the king's throneroom...
Maybe I can steal his crown...
Nope--snagged by yet another Incredible Painting from Felix Clousseau!
We had to bid adieu to Felix's immersive exhibit. However, with all our support, there will be so much more book love at the full Rabbit hOle Explorastorium!
I had a fantastic time volunteering with the Rabbit hOle during the immersive storybook experience for The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau. In the beginning, I helped a bit with the paper mache and it was always fascinating to make layers with paste and brown paper--then come back the next and see how the amazingly creative folks on the team turned that rough work into realistic-looking stone walls and other fabulous pieces of art. Almost everything you see in these photos, except for the obvious wood framework pieces, was made of paper mache, giving the whole exhibit a unique vibe by encouraging kids and visitors to touch and feel the book they were experiencing.

I then volunteered as a docent to lead tour groups through the story, helping kids and families enjoy all our hard work. I loved the faces on the amazed, wide-eyed, smiling kids and the appreciative, surprised parents who gawked at the uniqueness of the exhibit.

Walking through this delightful picture book, seeing all the art pop to life, truly feeling the story, it was all such a blast. Our two kids, as you can see, absolutely loved the Felix exhibit and were filled with energy and giggles each time they went through.

And to think, this was just a demonstration of what the full Rabbit hOle will be! A place built to celebrate reading and to experience children's literature with all the senses--I simply can't be more enthusiastic about this. When I visualize an Explorastorium with TWO life-size immersive storybook exhibits happening at all times, and I think of all the wonderful books we'll use since these exhibits will rotate every three to four months, I'm filled with excited anticipation.

Plus there's the printing press, bookstore, museum, workshops, and all the other fabulous features planned for the full Rabbit hOle that will make it a truly magical project.

I am all about this idea because I firmly believe in the positive, life-changing impact of not just literacy, but truly loving to read. Books have long been a passion of mine and one of my and my wife's proudest accomplishments as parents is to have passed a love of reading on to our bookworm children. I definitely plan to stay involved as a volunteer with the Rabbit hOle as much as possible, sharing my love for written words with all the kids and families who come through.

Please take a look at The Rabbit hOle Indiegogo campaign page ASAP (it ends in 4 days!) and join me in donating and helping spread the word. I truly cannot wait for the day I’ll be able to welcome my friends, family, anyone, and everyone to this magnificent spot where we can all celebrate children’s literature and experience the joyful power of books through these immersive, full-sensory, spectacular exhibits.

Don't miss this opportunity to go down the Rabbit hOle, I know you'll dig what you find!

Thank you all so much for your time and consideration. Feel free to email me with any questions:

All the best-

The Rabbit hOle Indiegogo Page
"The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau" book on Amazon, a fun addition to your picture book library