Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower 5) by Stephen King
I made it another 1000 pages closer to the culmination of this amazing, mesmerizing, immersive, astonishing quest! Now, I certainly feel a part of the ka-tet in this book series: Roland the Gunslinger, Eddie, Susanna, Jake, and Oy. You'll understand that when you read these books. And I do recommend them, 100%. It's a time commitment for sure--7 HUGE books to get all the way to the Tower. However, I'm sure it'll be worth it.

To be completely honest, Wolves of the Calla didn't blow me away like the rest of the books have. I enjoyed it, but it would not rank as my favorite of the series so far. What this book DOES prove is that Mr. King is an absolute master storyteller and he's poured everything he has into this series. Everything. He is taking his time to spin the story so we move through the quest day by day, hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute. That's why it's so immersive and fascinating because all the action and plot seem real time--as if you are right there in it. Which is why I said at the top that I feel I'm part of this ka-tet of brave adventurers.

Another interesting fact about this book is it has a little bit of an "Empire Strikes Back" feel to it--meaning that things go pretty well for the good guys, yet some very dark and evil things are happening as well. And it ends on a very suspenseful cliffhanger!

I still say this is definitely a series of novels for mature college readers or adults, just for the complexity of the stories and the mature content. They are Stephen King books, after all. And wow, is he a phenomenal writer. Given the time and space and pages to do exactly what he wants...at the pace at which he chooses to do it...this man has written a masterpiece!

Go get the first book, The Gunslinger...join the quest...and don't look back. Only the Dark Tower matters.

Happy Reading!