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Stellar review of knowonder! mobile app…
It even gives a shout-out to Salvatore Salamander!
Click here to read the review
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Three Times a Charm with Kevin J Doyle - Appearing TODAY on “Strands of Thought”
Want to hear my secret tips about writing? Learn about music and somersaults? Find out why I love Vonnegut and Seuss? Then click over to "Strands of Thought", which is published writer Kai Strand's blog of awesomeness. I did a fun interview with her recently and she was kind enough to post it to her site today - in honor of Ceci's 6th birthday.
Strands of Thought
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A sssimply sssensational ssstory has ssslithered up on knowonder!
How can fresh pairs of socks save the day for two friends who have lost their prized football? Click over to knowonder! to read my story and you'll discover that when Salvatore Salamander is around - anything is possible!
Salvatore Salamander's Sensational Sack of Super Socks
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Can You Solve “The Royal Riddles”?
Visit knowonder! to read my story of the day and find out...
The Royal Riddles
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A Trifecta of Good News!
On Wednesday, I was interviewed by a local freelance journalist who is writing an article for KC Parent magazine. The article is about encouraging reluctant readers and it will be in the September issue. Making reading fun for kids is basically the EXACT mission of knowonder! so it was very easy for me to talk her ear off about all the fun stuff we have go...
knowonder! on iTunes
knowonder! on Android Marketplace
knowonder! website
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Discovering Crowd-funding
We are just about halfway through our campaign on crowd-funding website - and we've raised 1/3 of our goal. Not too shabby, I hope! A few interesting notes I learned about crowd-funding: 1 - It's hard to keep perspective. Tough not to get too high when contributions are rolling in, and tougher not to get too low when there are lulls. 2 -...
Our Campaign Page on
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The Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men
Very, very cool photos and info included in the article which I've linked to below. An inspiration to all of us who aspire to write, read and create! Perhaps, maybe some day, there will be articles written about my humble writing space...
15 Awesome Libraries, Studies and Writing Spaces
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There’s a Tall Tower Teetering Over At Knowonder Today!
Click below to read one of my short stories, published on knowonder! today...
Teddy's Too Tall Tower of Things
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knowonder-ful knews!
The knowonder! website has gone through its makeover and is now fit and fun with many cool new features. Our mobile app is also full to the brim with new, exciting stuff. Best of all - starting Friday, we will get back to posting new content to the app and website in several different cool categories. I'll have a few entries on the story-a-day page each m...
click here for the knowonder! website
click here for the kid art page on the knowonder! website
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It’s Waxtastic!
Wax on, wax off... Droppin' wax... Waxin' the day away... I could go on and on. Instead, just watch this clip to see some of my vinyl entourage (I actually don't know these dudes, but I'm sure we could be friends) creatively spin their LPs. I'm glad someone is finally showing up all those lame-o basketball trick shooters!
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Look Out For Oliver The Crocodragonosaur!
Soon, he's going to be CHOMP CHOMP CHOMPing his way on to all your iPads and iPhones as a digital picture book featuring full color, brilliant illustrations by artist Oliver Chipping. I'll let you all know as soon as our book is launched!
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Record Store Day 2012 is on April 21!
No, it's not made up - RSD is a real thing. It's a day to get out and visit your local music store to shop for limited, exclusive vinyl releases from many of today's top bands. Records are awesome! They are still the best way to experience the sounds of your favorite artists. Digital music is now king, there is no arguing against that point. Last year t...
RSD 2010
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More Knowonder News!
The new knowonder! mobile app is in development and we'll soon be needing beta testers! Who hasn't always wanted to be a beta tester?! Check this out: friend: "What did you do today?" you: "Not much, took the kids to the park, bought some eggs." OR friend: 'What did you do today?" you: "Did some beta testing, read some cool stories to the kids, collec...
the knowonder! mobile app
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Knowonder Needs Your Stories!
Breaking news from knowonder! We plan to submit this publicity piece to many various writer's orgs in hopes of inspiring their members to submit stories to us. Please share with anyone you know! ---------- First off, let me say thank you in advance for allowing us some of your time so we can tell you about a few big, exciting changes happening at knowond...
Click here to visit knowonder!
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This Is Hilarious To Me
What can I say, I love dogs! PS This is not our dog. The only thing our dog would be willing to do is find various things around the country on which she could take a nap.
Click Here For More Maddie
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There’s A Gremlin In My Suitcase!
So yeah, this has nothing to do with writing at all. But I had to comment. This zipper fixer is strange on a couple of levels. First off, I've come into contact with hundreds of zippers in my life. I can think of ONE where the pull tab broke off. The rest became unusable when the teeth messed up or the cloth was irreparably caught in the zipper. So h...
I give you... the zipper fixer!
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Sharing The Love
I wrote a guest blog post on Kai Strand's "Strands of Thought" website and you can read it at the below link. The piece is about first loves and how I believe they don't mean anything. It's very romantic - perfect for Valentine's Day month! I connected with Kai because she's a fellow staff writer on the Knowonder! website. Kai has a book out called "The ...
Romance, History... and Science?
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Fleet Foxes on Austin City Limits
Absolutely one of my favorite bands. Mesmerizing vocal harmonies, brilliant multi-instrumental musicians, intricately beautiful songs. If you don't know them, definitely check them out! Simply amazing!
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Fitbit or Fuelband?
I have a Fitbit and my wife has one too. It counts daily steps, calories burned and total distance walked. Thanks to these little devices, we are both focused on keeping fit - plus by keeping active we get benefits from my wife's health insurance plan. That's the main reason we bought the Fitbits. Now, Nike has entered the game. Fuelbands are WAY cooler...
Fitbit Website
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Moonrise Kingdom
New Wes Anderson film! HUZZAH!! I love his movies - the writing in them is inspirational.
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Part Of The Team!
Click over to the following link on the Knowonder! page and you'll be greeted by my smirking mugshot and my writer's bio which my 5 yr. old helped me write!
Meet the Knowonder! team!!
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Tim Howard gives us a lesson in humility
(UGH - looks like the man squashed this video. You should still search for it on youtube and try to find an active clip!) Two things to watch for in this video clip. One - notice how windy it is and how that must have affected the flight of the ball. Two - pay attention to how humble Howard is while his teammates are congratulating him. Still, it's a gr...
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Crocodragonosaur Art Contest
A little while after my CLOMP! CLOMP! CLOMP! story was published on the Knowonder! website, they announced a fun contest for kids to email in their own artwork showing what they think Oliver might look like. Click the link below to see the entries! Crocodragonosaur Contest
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The Dog,The Bad and the Coffee: DLC Show Episode 6
Tim makes a discovery when he looks back at some video in which he was supposed to be the focus.
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Leave a Message: DLC Show Episode 5
Vintage DLC Show Episode 5, Leave a Message is the classic story of man (we use the term man lightly) vs machine. Chris talks about how he was trying to get a quick message to his mother when she does not have text messaging on her phone and he didn't think he had the time for a full telephone conversation. Did he find a way to get around the system? He thou...
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